Tuesday, 22 September 2009


Hey girls omg i'm so sorry i haven't been on my blog for such a long time i feel bad :/
what with going back to school and everything i haven't had chance, im in year 11 now my main year of secondary school so im worried being behindd on some coursework and things not having chance to come on my laptop.
And since coming back from London i've bought lots of little things so im sorry but i no longer can do a haul post theres too much and will take ages but im going to tell you some of the fave products and things iv bought recently and if you want some pictures or to ask me anything about them just let me know :)

BarryM 147 lip paint
Illamasqua Cream Blush in Rude
Hollister Fleece Pants and Tee. (I am in love with hollister)
Abercrombie and Fitch Tshirt
I<3 London t-shirt
Topshop Oxford Street bag
Collection2000 Hot Looks Nailpolish in 33 ButtonMoon
LOTS of magazines haha ♥

Plus i would like to have a little rant, im deeply annoyed because DuWop the american makeup brand has come out with YES a twilight makeup range, and me loving it so much want to get my hands on it but it is only available at Nordstrom and they do not ship to the UK :( im so upset so if anyone out there is kind enough to be able to let me know how i can get it or organise a swap let me know i would be so grateful and now im going to go see if there are any Clothes Show Live tickets available :)
Byeee guys x

Friday, 4 September 2009


So girls i know i never posted my haul post but trust me i will get round to it.
In the meantime i have been tagged by the lovely chloe to do the You Are An Awesome Girl tag.
So in this tag you have to tell every 10 facts about you and then tag 10 blogs, so here it goes:

(These wont be very good but ohwell)

1. I first became addicted to makeup when i went to singapore when i was 12/13 and i got my very first item of MAC makeup there (a bit young dont you think?!)

2. This summer i was meant to be moving to Australia but now i'm staying 9 months to finish the last of my GCSE's.

3. I am a complete looser when it comes to twilight. Iv read the books 2/3 times each and i saw twilight 4 times at the cinema when it came out, i am SAD.

4. When i was 12 i wanted to be a fashion designer, i used to sit in all my lessons drawing models until my mum told me that i would never make it. Which i thought was quite harsh on a young childs dreams.

5. I put makeup on even if i know im not going anywhere, which i think is quite weird but its fun, although i HATE taking it off.

6. I usually spend my whole £30 a week wage when i get it, usually the day after. And thats on topshop clothes and makeup.

7. I love my digital camera, its my life i couldn't go anywhere without it because you can never have to many pictures of memories in your life.

8. Recently i have an obsession with nude lipstick i must re-apply it ever 30minss/1hour.

9. My mum thinks i have a problem when it comes to magazines, i buy like 3/4 a week :/

10. I used to be a computer geek, i knew more about css and html then my dad when i was 11. I think thats pretty bad tbh, those were the days, now my computer is just for facebook, blogger and youtube &hearts :)












I also tag any of my amazing followers who hasnt done and wants to do this tag