Sunday, 22 August 2010

Military Trend Inspired EOTD.

Hey guys/gals!, so when I woke up today and did my makeup. I decided the look I wanted to go for would be neutral, but I wanted to add in a colour I never normally use on my eyes. GREEN. However I wanted to use the colour quite subtly, and so took inspiration from the current military theme. Today was the day I was going to test out my new primer potion and so to test it to it’s full potential I used UD eye shadows and whacked out my AMMO PALETTE :)

On my eyes I am wearing;

  1. MAUI WOWIE (a greeny gold) - on the lid
  2. MILDEW (a khaki green) - on the outer third and crease
  3. SMOG (a brown) -  on the outer V

Here are some pictures:

DSCF0402-2DSCF0413-2 DSCF0388 DSCF0428-2


Update, New Purchase & My Thoughts

Hey guys I know its been super super long since I came on my blog. Almost a year soon maybe? Anyways I’m sorry about that, this year was my last mandatory year of school, Year 11. So when I started this blog I kind of picked the wrong time. I stopped posting as I were spending more time concentrating on and revising for my GCSE’s, which i think went fairly well. I will know the results on the 24th, so wish me luck :)
So before I get on to talking about this purchase. I’d just like to share with you guys some news. I’m moving to Australia. It’s been on the cards for a long time, my Dad and my brother have been living there for almost two years now. I miss my dad loads and I haven’t seen him since last February. It’s taken my mum a long time to decide whether to go and to leave all of her family etc. But she has decided for my sake and future, which I appreciate and respect. I will miss my friends and family so much. There are so many things in the UK  I will also miss such as the brands; Urban Decay, BarryM, Topshop, Urban Outfitters, Primark etc. Although I am looking forward to trying out some of the Australian brands and shops. If any of you readers are from Australia, please let me know! I am also looking forward to living in a different climate and meeting new people, just praying I make friends easily at my new school.
So for my new purchase. This is something I have wanted for a very long time, but always wondered whether I could bare to spend the money on it. After watching countless videos on YouTube, by people like MeganHeartsMakeup and others stating it is essential. I decided to go ahead and buy it, as I know soon in Australia, it’s not something I can buy, it is….
I’ve always been a huge eyeshadow lover. And constantly always am irritated by creasing, so I thought I would give it a try. Almost all of you probably already have this, but I thought I would share my thoughts anyway.
It costs £11.50 and can be found at most Boots, House of Fraser and Debenams stores. It contains 10ml or 0.34 fl oz.
At first glance of the product, I see what everybody have said and been annoyed with; the packaging. The packaging is cute, chic, and somehow reminds me of Genie’s haha. The lid is unscrewed to reveal a doe foot applicator, which does not cause me any problems. But when it comes to think about it, I realise what happens with some foundations. You cannot get the remainder of product out of the bottom, when the applicator no longer picks it up. Some people tend to cut the tube when they have almost finished and scrape the product out, which is something I would probably consider doing to get my moneys worth.DSCF0494
The colour of the primer is light and very much my foundation colour. Although the product states that it would blend in to any skin tone. When the product is blended/rubbed in, it leaves a slight sheen that can be seen in the light but isn’t very obvious. To the touch it feels slightly greasy but not very much. It smells of play-dough kind of. It’s not offensive to me, but it could irritate other people.
Okay, so I tested this product out with some UD shadows (Next Post) to see how long it would last. No joke, it lasted all day! I am in love with this product – there is no creasing, the colours do not fade and it does it’s purpose! Anyway so here are some pictures and swatches with/without the primer;
DSCF0502  DSCF0506
Anyway, hope this can be useful to at least somebody. Hope you enjoy. I’ll try get back into the blogging hemisphere. If any of you have twitter, let me know!
Love Libi :)