Monday, 17 August 2009

AWOL and Little Bits (Longish Post)

Hey everyone, so sorry for being a tad AWOL this week, iv been a very busy girl out and about, here there and everywhere. I've been to leeds, the CCO in York, iv been on long walks. You name it iv done it. So anyways i'l show you what i've picked up during my recent outings so starting with 2 things from the CCO.
Well i'd been in York center and me and my friend eventually got bored after a couple of hours and decided to get the bus to McArthur Glen or more recently known as Designer Outlet. I hadn't been for a long time and i knew that they were going to have some helly kitty things as my mum had been before me. I was impressed at the recent collections they had including Hello Kitty and Style Warriors. I really wanted the SW bronzer but they didn't have it and hardly any variety in brushes. So i headed over to look at the eyeshadows last time i went they had alot of pan eyeshadows so i picked up a 4 pan pallette and an eyeshadow and i think it was cork. But to my suprise there were no pan eyeshadows so i was dissapointed but after about a second i grasped that i could just get an eyeshadow and depott it and settled on this beauty :)

It's called Texture and its a velvet i have no idea if it's been discontinued or anything but it's a gorgeous coppery brown with a little bit of shimmer.
Also recently iv been obsessed with contour and highlighting and when i spotted the sculpt and shape powders i fell in love, firstly i was gonna get the lightest but then realised the brown looked a little bit harsh for my skin tone so settle on the one called Accentuate Sculpt. The peachy pink isnt light enough to be a highlighter for me but its lovely used as a blush i love it ♥

So here as some more bits that i've picked up. So i read about this on the Yummy Mummy's Beauty Blog, which is amazing so go check it out. She said that she had taken a liking to Collection 2000 Hot looks nail polish in 35-Dynasty having heard people rave about it, i picked it up as i was looking for a pale purple polish and barryM didn't have one, and this was only £1.95/

I absolutely love this nail polish, its creamy, you only need one coat or even two to show its maximum intesity, and it does dry fast i think im going to have to pick up more of the fast dry polishes.

While out in leeds i went to my nearest big superdrug to check out some of the Sleek makeup, i was going to get the storm palette and i didn't which i now regret i'll get it in london next week :) instead i looked at the inkpots. They are about £4 and i really wanted to try one before i bought a fluidline because i never really wear liquid eyeliner so have never tried a gel eyeliner so i picked up the black ink pot. You can see iv tested it.

I also got this cheap eyeliner/brow shade brush whilst out and about and i'm actually really impressed, i can use it for both and it works amazing.

So thats that. And then i never saw any really spectactular clothes on my shopping try, so that was dissapointing, but saw this gorgeous ring in primark only £2!

Last but definately not least, something i've been wanting for a while since being recommended by Lollipop26 and MeganHeartsMakeup(Youtube) and thats the Mac Hue lipstick. I was going to get this and a blush but i always spend my money on nothing so i couldnt get the blush in the end but i love this lipstick i always wear Gosh Darling and barryM 101 and feel there too nude for school and wanted a pinky nude so i got this and love it for everyday.

I love it. That's it for now guys. Update soon. London next week. ♥

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