Monday, 31 August 2009

Cause Now Im That Chick ..

Hey girls, sorry for being the slightest bit AWOL after my last post last week, after coming back from London i've been tied up with this that and the other mainly meeting friends getting some GCSE results and doing coursework as school starts agaiin soon :( So i'm going to do two posts today tried to post them yesterday but my computer shut down in the middle of doing so, so im doing it now, so firstly this post is just going to be a couple of pictures from my London trip which was soooo much fun i <3 London. (they're in reverse order for some reason)
Sightsee-ing in Piccadilly Circus
i.e the round building with the screens
as i like to call it :)
My closeup of Big Ben which i was very proud of
i have a better one somewhere though.
A nice photo of the London Eye :)

Tourism in Traffalga Square
Which i cannot spell to save my life
And again ♥

Me and my Mum travelling in style on the tube.

Me and my Bestie posing for a photo in the station.

Had to fit a quick posing seshion in didn't i ladies?

My best friend :)

Before we left.

Will post my haul in the next couple of hours or so

Loveyouu guys ♥


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