Thursday, 6 August 2009

Elle Magazine & Small Collective Haul.

Hey guys, firstly just to let you know about this months copy of ELLE. i love this magazine, fashion beauty and everything in it. So i was in the aisles of my local ASDA yesterday and saw this months copy and saw lindsay lohan on the cover, (of who recently im not really a fan for some reason) and was almost not going to buy it until i saw the free gift. An elle notepad designed buy vivienne westwood of whos designs, bags THE LOT i adore ♥ So i had to pick it up. Go check it out :)

Anyway moving on to a little collective haul from the past couple of days. Only 6 things :) Sorry about the lighting in the photographs, it was late at night when i took these so didn't have any natural sunlight.

Illamasqua Rich Liquid Foundation
So, recently i'd been on the hunt for a new foundation. In the past i've had Mac studio tech (which i love), Mac Studio fix fluid (which i'm shore im allergic to as it caused me to break out), Revlon colourstay (which i kinda wen't off as it started to make my skin look almost greasy) and for the past couple of weeks i'd used my backup foundation which was Maybelline dream matte mousse which always seems to be abit dry.
But i wanted something new, and try something different. Something full coverage. So after watching an Illamasqua review by richie (whatstyleistonickel) i decided to pop in to selfridges at the Trafford Center and buy it. It was £19.97 and i got it in the lightest skin tone colour RF120 the lighter shades are actually white. No jokes haha. VERDICT? I LOVE IT :D

Natural Collection Bronzer in Sun Shine

I love this bronzer. I mean i haven't really tried any high end bronzers although im hoping to try Nars Laguna sometime soon after everyone on here raves about it. This is the bronzer i've always got since i first started wearing makeup in Year 9. It gives a nice subtle glow and subtle contour if you don't really want a really bold contour :) I had to repurchase as when i was using my old one (nearly praticly finished anyway) i dropped it accidently on the floor and it smashed and fell into millions of pieces i was torn up but soon came around at the fact i'd only have to pay £2 for a new one :)

Playboy Hef's Favourite in Ms Playboy

I have wanted this lipgloss for absolutely ages. When i was younger i used to stare at it superdrug and think it was the perfect nudey pinkey colour :) So recently i popped into a store in Burnley called TJ Hughes well last time i went in i found out that both Stila and Playboy had gone bust in the UK and the products were being sold in the TJ Hughes stores. So the previous time i had gone i had searched and searched for this lipgloss and not being able to find it gave up and settled for 2 Stila lipglosses and a Playboy blush. But this time it didn't take much looking and i found it ♥ and i was right its the perfect gloss :) and guess what. Pricetag = £2 :D

TRESemme 24 Hour Body Root Boosting Spray

The other day i was in the town center with a friend and i'd seen the advert for the new 24 hour body products on tv and new i just had to have one of them. So browsing boots i came across them and guess what?! half price so i got this little beauty for about £2.65. Your spray it to the roots of towel dried hair and it helps to give your hair volume. I've not used it frequent enough to review but will mention it later. Photo is a tad orangey :/.

BarryM Lip Gloss

These lipglosses do not have a certain name just lip gloss haha. I went into superdrug the otherday and went to my BarryM selection to find some new products, these new lipglosses. With a strange yet nice variety of colours i think theres 6 to choose from. None of them were really my cup of tea. There was a clear, a brown, an orange, a reddy colour and i saw this pink one with sparkle they all smell absolutely amazing. The orange smells of oranges and the one i have smells like ice cream ♥ and they are super pigmented they are great as mine is bright pink i usually wear it alone to and dab and rub it on my lips to make it more sheer and subtle. The picture doesn't really give it justice.

OPI Nail Laquer in Moon Over Mumbai
Recently i'd been looking for the perfect light grey nail varnish BarryM doesn't do one (or a pale violet) so i was a little disapointed. I never usually wear nail varnish as my school doesn't allow us to wear it at school which sucks so i thought if i wore a light grey nobody would notice and pale colour seem to slim my podgy fingers haha.
After a shopping day i went into a shop i'd never been in before and saw a selection of OPI nail polishes. To find an OPI polish i would usually have to travel an hour to York and have to pay £10 for one but this shop was 15 minutes away from where i live and had a couple on sale. I was lucky enough to find this beauty for 5 pounds :) My first OPI nail polish.

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  1. Cute blog! I was absolutely OBSESSED with the Playboy Lipglosses but they dont have them in Australia anymore :( Theyre so good because I have such dry lips that they moisturize and also leave a nice pink on my lips :) Love them!!